Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Personalized Product Solutions

Unique Solutions is rolling out a new business concept called MyBestFit, based on its Intellifit® Plus technology. First introduced in 2002, this body scanner records hundreds of thousands of body measurements and matches them to garments in its database. The consumer receives a personalized printout, showing which garments from participating retailers will fit.

The technology is amazing; the business concept is genius. Originally conceived as a brand-specific solution, the machine has now been moved out of the store and into the public space of the mall. Retailers subscribe to and pay for the service, not only marketing their wares, but also closing sales more quickly. Shoppers confidently and privately select the garments that fit.

Unique Solutions calls this a PPS, a "personalized product solution." They think women will love it because it takes the frustration and embarrassment out of trying on clothes. Men might never have to go to the mall again.

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